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Kentucky Announces Complete Non-Conference Basketball Schedule

Updated: Oct 1, 2023

We're here. We've made it. We've finally got the full non-conference Kentucky Basketball schedule for the 2023-24 season. Let's address it.

First off, this non-conference passes the eye test for me. I think we're bringing in great talent compared to late with the headliners of Gonzaga, Kansas, UNC, and yes, Miami. Three powers plus the only one of everyone mentioned to make it to a Final Four last spring. Kentucky has knocked off all of the offseason checkmarks and now has quite the non-conference to go compete in before a thick SEC run to follow it up. Before I continue, allow your eyes to see the the slated games and we'll continue where we left off afterwards.

November 6: New Mexico State (Home)

November 10: Texas A&M Commerce (Home)

November 14: Kansas (Neutral - Chicago)

November 17: Stonehill (Home)

November 20: Saint Joesph's (Home)

November 24: Marshall (Home)

November 28: Miami (Home)

December 2: UNC Wilmington (Home)

December 9: Penn (Neutral - Pennsylvania)

December 16: North Carolina (Neutral - Atlanta)

December 21: Louisville (Road)

December 29: Illinois State (Home)

February 10: Gonzaga (Home)

The program will also bring in the locals at Marshall University to the big city, go West on the road to beat up on the Louisville Cardinals, and also bring in Antonio Reeves' former team, the Illinois State Redbirds.

This season also has in store a trip to Pennsylvania to take on Penn, which tallies it out to 3 neutral site venues consisting of the United Center for Kansas (Chicago), State Farm Arena for UNC (Atlanta), and Wells Fargo Arena for the before mentioned Penn Quakers (Philadelphia).

I'm really interested in the amount of games that people think Kentucky will win out of these 13 games. I'm going with a certified lock in picking 9 as the minimum amount won, but since I am a man of the people so I'll cast my official vote... Eleven. Kentucky drops two games between the four of Gonzaga, UNC, Miami, and Kansas. I know many of you are picking four or at least 3 of those won, and I wouldn't say that you're crazy for that, but I'm just more of a realistic and I think it's more likely than not that Kentucky goes 2-2. I. pray that I am proven wrong. Trust me, I'm not down on this team at all. I fully think they are capable of doing so.

Eventually, we will receive the full basketball schedule which will tack on the home-and-aways of the Florida's and Tennessee's of the world, and we can start casting out full season record predictions. Let's be clear, I am very confident in this group and in a much more positive mood than I have been in years. I just hope it's not fools gold that I'm falling for from the Canada trip like I did for the Bahamas. I was a victim of last season and I still have some anger towards that December stretch we suffered through. South Carolina State, you can go on somewhere. But with that being said, this is a new year with a new group of players. I'm just as passionate as the rest of you, and I am dying for it to be Big Blue Madness time.

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