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Kentucky Athletics Announces New Basketball Court Design At Rupp Arena

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

If you've watched a Kentucky basketball game over the last few seasons, you know just how much this announcement was needed. After watching many games with two big, disgusting, uneven, blue stickers, the UK Athletics department officially announced they will install a new court in Rupp Arena that will not have those stickers on it.

The court features the UK logo with a state of Kentucky outline behind it at mid-court. Kentucky will still pay homage to Cawood Ledford and Bill Keightley as they will have Cawood's Court and Mr. Wildcat logos on the court. Very cool to see no matter how many changes we make, we still can honor those legendary figures in our programs history. Kentucky in wordmark font will be on each baseline and the updated Rupp Arena at Central Bank Center logo will be on each side of the court where those blue eye-sore stickers once were.

Photo Via UK Athletics

Kentucky will begin play on the new court starting December 2nd. Volleyball needs the old surface to finish up their season and once they are done the new floor will be installed and men's and women's basketball will play on it going forward. This new court replaces the original court that was laid in 2001.

Overall, what a much needed upgrade this was. I am very excited to see how it looks once it's installed. What are your thoughts on the new court?

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