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Kentucky Basketball Players And Their Football Counterparts

Welcome to late January. The NFL is king on television, but college basketball is waiting in the tunnel to take over the attention of the country. Kentucky basketball is quietly getting better, while winter conditioning is underway at the Joe Craft Football Training Facility. Long story short, now is a great time for a basketball/football crossover article. When formulating this list, I wanted to like at similar build, background, and roles the players play on their respective teams.

Oscar Tshiebwe: Octavius Oxendine

Ironically, both guys could have the nickname "big o." Despite a quiet 2022 season, Ox is a fan favorite who is built like a tank. Oscar matches those traits to a tee.

Chris Livingston: Josh Kattus

Despite being in the starting lineup, Livingston has not been featured as much in the offense as some may like. We have seen flashes from him with possibly the best driving and finishing ability on the team. His physicality reminds me a lot of Josh Kattus. Like Livingston, Kattus is not that flashy, but his physical presence is enough to bring a lot of value to his team.

Cason Wallace: Dane Key

Both uber talented, Wallace and Key are physically and athletically gifted. The only factor that's stopping them from being identical is that Wallace didn't go to Fredrick Douglass.

Sahvir Wheeler: Tayvion Robinson

Wheeler and Robinson both came to Kentucky with a fair amount of success at other schools. These two also decided to return to Lexington after disappointing end to both seasons. Unfortunately, they have both slipped down the depth chart in their respective sport due to younger talent.

Jacob Toppin: Jordan Dingle

The University of Kentucky has two unicorns on their campus. The athletic ability of these two should not be possible with their build. I expect both of them to be pros one day.

CJ Fredrick: Vito Tisdale

Welcome to the home state heroes of this list. Nobody matches the personality of Vito, but CJ and Vito are both heady players who know what spot to be in. Both have had to deal with the injury bug throughout their career, as CJ and Tisdale both missed the entirety of last season.

Antonio Reeves: Zion Childress

Another pair of products from the transfer portal. Reeves and Childress both broke out in the middle of the season, and have become key contributors for their teams. Despite not being starters (although Childress will be this year), these guys are crucial to the success of their teams moving forward.

Lance Ware: Nobody

How about Lance? There is only one Lance Ware.


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