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Kentucky Basketball 'Pro Day' Date Announced

One of the biggest flex days this program has, at least outside of in-game activity, is their annual 'Pro Day' event hosted in Lexington. We've seen this event get copied by other basketball programs around the country after years of having success with it, but John Calipari owns all the credit for making this a thing. He started it, it's his thing, and it's just another thing that he was a pioneer of to help promote his players to the right people through his own reach. This is Cal's bread-and-butter.

The day consists of physical drills, measurements, and an open practice in front of representatives from every NBA organization, some with multiple, which is also televised by the SEC Network and reported on by every outlet covering the men's basketball program. Especially with the season not having started yet when this takes place, it's a good way to grasp the college basketball attention on a night when it's the only thing going on. It also helps because it's just days before Big Blue Madness which catapults the fan excitement prior to it.

The school has announced that the annual showcase is set for October 11 inside Rupp Arena. It will be broadcasted from 6-8 PM ET on the SEC Network by Jimmy Dykes and Jack “Goose” Givens while also having SportsCenter providing "live hits throughout its 6-7:30 p.m. ET telecast with Kevin Negandhi and Seth Greenberg" to help throw more national coverage on it.

It's a great way to give a quick preview of the talent on the roster for the upcoming season and allow fans to start making their wild predictions and assumptions for the season before playing any games. That's the fun of it, ain't it? I love this event each year and to me it's nothing but beneficial for the team. No other program is doing this to the caliber that Kentucky does it and it puts the entire roster out into the forefront of scouts and NBA personnel immediately. We see a lot of great moments surface from this each season such as emotional stories surrounding an individual players background, or even a jaw-dropping athletic play such as an Isaiah Jackson free-throw line dunk. I can't wait to see what this one holds.

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