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Kentucky defeats Mississippi State, 78-73.

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

Lets start off with saying, what a day. Kentucky wins their third straight bowl game, and the basketball team finds their second win of the season.

This game will go down in the books as the Dontaie Allen game, and the game that just might be shown to every high school basketball player across this state. A kid, truly living his childhood dreams out, winning KY's Mr. Basketball, getting a scholarship to go to "his dream school," and having a career night once he got a true shot. "We've had guys who have had to wait there turn, to prove themselves. His attitude has been phenomenal the entire time. He got his chance, and took full advantage of it. Now everyone across Kentucky is going crazy," said Head Coach John Calipari. Indeed he did. Dontaie Allen went OFF versus Mississippi State, going for 23 points, 7/11 from the three, grabbing 5 rebounds and 1 block.

John Calipari is known for his annual stunt, which by my count this is the third season he's done this. When he finds his team struggling, he looks for an opportunity to get ejected from the game, which lights a fire under the players and they end up playing the best they ever have, resulting in earning a hard fought win. Safe to say he's 3/3 on that move. Tonight, he got ejected, the Cats were trailing 46-55. Kentucky went on to go on a 10-0 run which turned into a total of a 32-18 run, after two overtimes. The credit of that run goes to Dontaie Allen, who hit 6 threes after Cal was sent back to the locker room. With John Calipari to the side, it created the perfect opportunity for Allen to get his green light, and not have to worry about being pulled after one miss. Allen seen that opportunity, and executed it perfectly.

"To all the kids listening, in any state, anywhere, it all comes down to the work. If you put in the work you can do some great things," said Allen. The former Pendelton County star was asked asked if he felt any pressure once he went in. "I put the work in, so what do I have to fear? Have to be ready at any moment." responded Allen. "I was just waiting on my opportunity. I was ready for it and took full advantage of it."

All of the lame excuses that Cal has been feeding the media and fans for the last few weeks on why he wouldn't put in Dontaie Allen, are out the door. Kentuckys "stars" haven't been doing anything productive on the offensive side of the ball, and for him to not give the kid a chance was just absurd. Now he's proved his worth to this team and what he can bring to the table, and we'll be seeing plenty of more of the Dontaie Allen show.

Growing up in Kentucky, playing high school basketball, this one hit home for me. Truly gave me cold chills as I was watching Dontaie live out every Kentucky kids dream. I'll remember this game for the rest of my life, and this will be used as motivational footage all across this state for decades to come.

Kentucky wins 78-73, and the Cats have officially ended their 6-game losing streak.

Oh, and we're 1-0 in 2021.

Go Cats.




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