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Kentucky Draft Prospects Continue To Drop In Recent Mock Drafts

Updated: Mar 5, 2021

Sports Illustrated released a NBA Mock Draft this morning, and 3 Kentucky players have made the list.. except, their draft stocks are dropping.

SI's Jeremy Woo released the second version of his NBA Draft Big Board, which will give players an idea of how high they could possibly be drafted.

Todays (second) version of the NBA Draft Big Board had three Wildcats listed:

No. 25: BJ Boston

No. 34: Isaiah Jackson

No. 47: Terrence Clarke

On the First NBA Draft Big Board released earlier this season, it had BJ Boston at No. 6, Isaiah Jackson at No. 29, and Terrence Clarke No. 17. So pretty obvious, after a rough start to the season individual and as a team, their stocks have fell quite a bit.

If BJ Boston continues playing how he's been over the last month, I believe he will not drop any lower, if anything will stay or rise higher. For Isaiah Jackson, I think his draft levels right now are about as high as they're going to get - might rise into the late 20s - but NBA Draft Scouts have already seen what they're going to get from him as he's been performing great all season long. Lastly, for Terrence Clarke, his draft stock has plummeted big time from what most people thought it would be at when arriving to Lexington. Due to his injury, and a horrific start in the 7 games he did play in, there isn't much evidence of what he can do at the college level, and for sure nothing appealing in the evidence they do have, that their draft decisions are going to be really focused on his High School success and his long term potential.

All of this assuming that these three do decided to enter the NBA Draft this summer, as none have officially declare so, yet.



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