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Kentucky Drops In This Week's AP Poll

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

After you take a loss on your home floor against a program who has literally never had a win over a ranked opponent in its own program's history, you deserve to take a hit in the national rankings. It's unacceptable to have that happen if you're a program like Kentucky and even more so when its in the historic venue of Rupp Arena. If you want to be viewed as the "gold standard" you don't go out and let things like that happen. No excuses at all.

On the other hand, just four day prior Kentucky hosted No. 8 Miami on that same court and put a thumping on them like they were the best team in all of college basketball. Two completely different outcomes in the same calendar week that just left everyone kind of shocked, wondering "What the hell just happened?.." While that explanation is a whole other story that we'd need a completely separate article to get into, just know that this team is going to take a hit from the second game which also completely erases any kind of resume building you did on the Tuesday before.

Sitting at No. 12 on Monday of last week, Kentucky's 1-1 performance led them to dropping this week in the AP Poll to 16th.

  1. Arizona

  2. Kansas

  3. Houston

  4. Purdue

  5. UConn

  6. Baylor

  7. Gonzaga

  8. Marquette

  9. North Carolina

  10. Creighton

The Wildcats are right behind Miami (15) and ahead of Tennessee (17) in the middle of the pack. It kind of frustrates me because I knew this summer they got overlooked in the preseason rankings and once the season got underway they started climbing through the polls proving everyone wrong. I thought their hot start would lock in a top-ten ranking for the following week (this week) after defeating No. 8 Miami by a million, but then they go out and throw a clunker against UNC Wilmington to erase all of that from happening. Very, very frustrating to say the least.

Anyways, if you want to check out the full AP Top-25 list, click here.

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