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Kentucky Drops In This Week's AP Poll

Starting off last week with a No. 6 ranking in college basketball, Kentucky had two games for the rest of the week to help reflect on this week's ranking based on the outcome of those games. Kentucky took care of business at home on Tuesday night against Missouri but ended up dropping one on the road against Texas A&M on Saturday afternoon.

We knew the Wildcats would defeat the Missouri Tigers with ease but a conference road game environment would definitely be a challenge on the later part of the week. With #1 Purdue, #2 Houston (twice), #3 Kansas, and #5 Tennessee all losing, Kentucky would've had a great chance to move into the top-five if they had won in College Station. Unfortunately they didn't, as they lost a close one in overtime, 97-92. With a loss resulting, we logically would have to expect Kentucky to fall just a little bit in the new AP Poll. Here's how the top-ten checks out this week.

AP Top-10

  1. UConn

  2. Purdue

  3. Kansas

  4. North Carolina

  5. Houston

  6. Tennessee

  7. Duke

  8. Kentucky

  9. Baylor

  10. Memphis

Kentucky drops two spots to No. 8 in the rankings, just ahead of Baylor and right behind Duke. I wondered how far they would fall with nearly all the teams above them (in the last poll) losing as well, but the two spots sounds about right. But, the thing I don't understand is Houston - who lost two games last week to unranked teams - is still ahead of Kentucky? We all also know that Purdue is about the most fraudulent "top-five team" there is as well. It just seems like there are a couple of spots above Kentucky that are in question for their positioning if you ask me...

Well, with Mississippi State and Georgia coming to Rupp Arena this week, Kentucky can defend their home court and get two SEC wins to help maintain their national prominence and start climbing their way to that top-five ranking they were so close to just a few days ago.

If you want to view the full AP Top-25, click here.

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