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Kentucky Falls To Georgia, For First Loss Of The Season.

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

I'm just going to dive right into this. Part of me wants to feel a little bummed out, and part of me keeps telling myself we "didn't" have a chance in that game anyways. Take what I just said with a grain of salt, and not too literal. A lot of outsiders would've said Kentucky didn't have a chance to win against the No. 1 team in the country. Specifically the borderline football fans who just check in on us when we make some noise here and there. But I would go to say that we DID have a chance to win that game, and I think, that's what makes me feel that small amount of 'bum' this evening. The silver lining in that is that it just goes to show how far Mark Stoops has taken this program... To the heights that we had a solid chance with one of the elites of the SEC, and the nations literal best team. So in a way, the dull feeling comes from the high expectations that I have for this team going forward. It just sucks that when we've found our greatest team in program history to go on a run with, Georgia also has theirs.

I think this goes to show that their is still a difference in a program like Kentucky and a program like Georgia, but boy is that separation getting a lot smaller year by year. We're climbing the milestone steps that Mark Stoops set out when he got here, knocking off Tennessee, then Florida, then onto the powers of the Alabama's and the Georgia's of the world. We're so close. We gave the Bulldogs their hardest game of the season, without a doubt.

It felt so good to be right there for a good chunk of the game with the best team in college football. Yeah, you can easily say Georgia exposed us in certain ways if you wanted to be picky, in specifically their defensive line ran through our o-line too many times for comfort, stopping us from most of our run game as well as two blocked field goals to be the cherry on top, but I think we should take tonight off from that because in general we played a B-graded effort.

I also think Will Levis's deep ball got spotlighted as one of his weaknesses tonight. Levis overall played great, and this isn't a knock on him, but he threw an amount I could count on one hand for over twenty yards. Once we went run heavy early in the game, and it wasn't working, Will found a good rhythm in the mid-range passes, hitting the 5-15 yard passes consecutively. It worked and it kept us from getting blown out to Georgia's very deadly offense.

To continue in the area of Georgia's offense, they did it with a lot of ease and honestly made our 18th ranked defense look about double that down the ranks. Not an area I would be too critical on after this game, because they are the best team in all of college football, but with that being said, I do not believe we have hit our peak of what this team can truly be on both sides of the ball.

Kentucky finally loses their undefeated record, which we rode out for the longest ride in 71 years, so definitely find accomplishment in that, and Georgia goes on to stay as the nations best team. I don't think we will drop very much in the AP Poll tomorrow, if we do at all, because we essentially had the best loss a team could have. Arkansas got shutout 37-0 to Georgia and only dropped five spots. We gave the Bulldogs their best fight of their entire season thus far, and that's going to create a lot of respect from the national media.

Kentucky enters their bye week now, and will resume into play on October 30th against Mississippi State, then Tennessee, then Vanderbilt, New Mexico State and Louisville to finish out the season. A path that we should win-out with, and the best case having us heading into a bowl game sitting at 10-1, with our only loss coming from a close notched game to the nations best team. In the right situation, could create a good argument to get us into the playoffs. If we fell short, we'd still be sitting in the third place position in the hardest conference in America, behind Georgia and Alabama. Can't complain at that, can you?

If you feel some sense of sadness or disappointment tonight, understand that it is a positive because you expected Kentucky to come out with a win - against Georgia.

Mark Stoops is now 0-9 against Georgia in his coaching career, and I'd take some bets that it won't hit 10.

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