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Kentucky Falls To Mississippi State, 31-17

I'm sitting here in Starkville with just minutes left to go in the fourth quarter, cold, depressed, and tired of hearing these damn cowbells. It's safe to say that our team probably isn't far behind me on that narrative.

No reasons to sugar coat this - Kentucky just got absolutely smacked in the mouth tonight. Mark Stoops has never won here and it's been 13 years since a Kentucky coach has. After tonight, not a bit of that has changed. When your offense can't seem to get things going, and your nationally top-20 ranked defense gives up four touchdowns with not much to contest it, what can you do? Moments like these are the reason why I am not a football coach. I have no clue how you fix this, because your offensive weapons have been near useless tonight.

Will Levis finished 17/28 on just 150 passing yards, and didn't find his first (and only) passing touchdown until under 14 minutes left in the fourth quarter. Kentuckys running game got brake-checked over and over, only running for 66 yards on 20 attempts.

Mississippi State out threw, out ran, out defended, and out played Kentucky and now the Wildcats are sitting at 6-2 on the season, after starting off undefeated through their first six. Finding a win in Starkville has been a task that Mark Stoops just can't figure out, and I dread us coming here every other year.

I don't think this was a "hangover game" after Kentucky's bye week, I just think it's simply Starkville. No rhyme or reason to it. We just struggle here. Our guys could not get it going.

Chalk this one up and move on. Lets welcome the Tennessee Volunteers to beatdown in Lexington next Saturday.


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