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Kentucky finds a win in Knoxville

KENTUCKY DID IT. They finally ended that streak down in dirty Neyland Stadium.

It had been 36 YEARS since Kentucky won down in Knoxville, losing 17 straight. Top three win of Stoops career in Lexington and Kentucky deserves all the credit they'll be getting this afternoon.

Kentuckys first two games of the season had things looking for the worst, as they found themselves 0-2 and looking desperately for a win. The Wildcats held Auburn for the first half before ultimately giving it up in the second half of the game, then lost to Ole Miss the next game on a missed field goal in overtime. Kentucky went down to Tennessee on some momentum after defeating Mike Leach's Mississippi State Bulldogs in high fashion, searching for that second win that would put them at .500 on the season.

They found just that. A 12/15 100 yard passing game by Terry Wilson was easily shadowed by Kentuckys defense, in which they gathered 3 interceptions, completely torturing Tennessee offense in the first half. The second half was a little bit different. Kentucky got their offense going, throwing for 219 yards and rushing for 159 yards, doubling down on their substancial lead they had already built. Tennessee definitely seemed to be unprepared for Kentucky this afternoon, and the scoreboard shown exactly that.

Kentucky finished with 294 yards of offense (107 passing, 187 rushing) today, and cut their turnover problems back to only 1 compared to Tennessee 4. A huge win which puts us to now 2-2, facing Missouri next Saturday.

Mark Stoops and Terry Wilsons' resumes are looking quite nicely right now, snapping streaks that are decades old. A few to mention are:

  • winning at The Swamp, snapping a 31 year streak

  • winning at Cardinal Stadium

  • beating Penn State in the Citrus Bowl

  • beating Virginia Tech in the Belk Bowl (back to back bowl wins)

  • winning in Neyland Stadium (today), snapping a 36 year streak

It's a great day to be a Kentucky fan.


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