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Kentucky Finds Themselves Ranked Back Into The Top 25 Again

Updated: Mar 5, 2023

Kentucky looks a lot different than Kentucky did just even a week ago. A handful of games back we were starting to accept that it wasn't likely the Wildcats would even be making the NCAA Tournament for the 3rd time in 4 seasons. Fast forward to present day, and the Cats have won out, doing everything asked of them to earn a spot. Now that they've done so, Kentucky could be looking at a quality level seed in the big tournament and even in the conference tournament before hand, now with a guarantee of making the NCAA Tournament no matter what else happens.

For the first time since December 26th the Cats are ranked! They made way into the AP Top-25 this afternoon at spot No. 23. Here's how the rest of the rankings sit.

  1. Houston (27-2)

  2. Alabama (25-4)

  3. Kansas (24-5)

  4. UCLA (25-4)

  5. Purdue (24-5)

  6. Marquette (23-6)

  7. Baylor (21-8)

  8. Arizona (24-5)

  9. Texas (22-7)

  10. Gonzaga (25-5)

  11. Kansas State (22-7)

  12. Tennessee (21-8)

  13. Virginia (21-6)

  14. UConn (22-7)

  15. Indiana (20-9)

  16. Miami (23-6)

  17. Saint Mary's (25-6)

  18. San Diego State (23-5)

  19. Xavier (21-8)

  20. Providence (21-8)

  21. Maryland (20-9)

  22. TCU (19-10)

  23. Kentucky (20-9)

  24. Texas A&M (21-8)

  25. Pittsburgh (21-8)

Kentucky has just two games remaining on their regular season schedule, hosting Vanderbilt on Wednesday night for their Senior Night then traveling to Arkansas for Saturday's game. I assume they will defeat Vanderbilt and will also go in with a great shot to take down the Razorbacks in a hostile environment this weekend. If they go 1-1 or 2-0, either way I don't see a decline in their current ranking. To me, it either goes up or somewhat stays the same. With that being said, it looks like the Cats will be likely ranked for the rest of the regular season amid they don't go 0-2 in these next two games.

Selection Sunday is just 13 days away and I couldn't be more excited to see what their destiny holds.



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