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Kentucky Finishes Towards The Top Of The SEC

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Starting off 6-0, Kentucky looked to do a lot of damage heading into the core of their season. With a clunker down at Mississippi State, a three point loss to Tennessee, and challenge up until halftime at Georgia, the Wildcats found just three losses on the season. Kentucky finished the regular season at 9-3, winning nine games for just the sixth time in program history - second time under Stoops.

With all that being said, Kentucky held their own in the Southeastern Conference, climbing the boards to damn near the top.

SEC Regular Season Conference Records

  1. Georgia (12-0)

  2. Alabama (11-1)

  3. Ole Miss (10-2)

  4. Kentucky (9-3)

  5. Arkansas (8-4)

  6. Texas A&M (8-4)

  7. Mississippi State (7-5)

  8. Tennessee (7-5)

  9. Auburn (6-6)

  10. Mizzou (6-6)

  11. South Carolina (6-6)

  12. LSU (6-6)

  13. Florida (6-6)

  14. Vanderbilt (2-10)

SEC East Standings

  1. Georgia (8-0)

  2. Kentucky (5-3)

  3. Tennessee (4-4)

  4. Missouri (3-5)

  5. South Carolina (3-5)

  6. Florida (2-6)

  7. Vanderbilt (0-8)

In a conference that had 13 of its 14 teams named bowl eligible, finishing towards the top is quite impressive. Even more so when you look back to where this program was when Stoops first took over. It was almost a lock to be down there at the bottom, where the Vanderbilt Commodores reside.

Kentucky finished 2nd in the SEC East, only behind Georgia, who you could make an argument had their toughest game all year when the Cats traveled down to Athens, keeping it close until about halftime.

Kentucky finished with the 4th best record in the SEC, and was three points away from beating a crappy Tennessee team which would have jumped us over Ole Miss in the conference rankings, finishing just behind the two juggernauts of Alabama and Georgia.

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