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Kentucky Football Transfer Portal Update

Updated: Dec 17, 2022

As we get to experience the still very new world of the transfer portal, it might feel a little weird how many players are exiting the program over the last few weeks. Of course, the portal itself is not new. It has been around forever, but the opportunity for players to transfer and be eligible the following season is new. It is also the main reason that the offseason movement has increased drastically in terms of volume.

Right now, there are over 1,000 players in the portal, including quite a few of them being former Kentucky players. As we approach just one week into December, and only 11 days after the final regular season game, the Wildcats have 9 players looking for new homes.

Here's a timeline of their departure:

November 26: Last regular season game versus Louisville

November 28: DeMarcus Harris (WR) enters the portal

December 01: Kavosiey Smoke (RB) enters the portal

December 05: Chauncey Magwood (WR) enters the portal

December 05: Chris Lewis (WR) enters the portal

December 05: John Young (OT) enters the portal

December 05: Adrian Huey (CB) enters the portal

December 06: Keaton Upshaw (TE) enters the portal

December 06: Michael Drennen (RB) enters the portal

December 06: Tae Tae Crumes (WR) enters the portal

*Added to the list since the article was wrote*

December 17: Kiyaunta Goodwin (OL) enters the portal

You might have noticed that eight of those came from the offensive side of the ball. Also, four of those were at the wide receiver position. I think both of those points matter greatly because they forecast a lot of what is to come. I think when the priority is for this program to keep their two projected star young wide receivers in Dane Key and Barion Brown, it can partially be a good sign that a lot of the second and third tier receivers are looking for other opportunities. To me, that says that the two are planning on staying with the program, which is what we desperately need them to be doing. It also says that they will continue being valuable pieces of this offense for the next two years.

It also reflects that we are going through another offensive coordinator change. This means that players are expecting a lot of turnover, unsure of what may result from it and are likely receiving interest from other programs. They believe that this could be their shot to go and play somewhere. I believe this program has gotten to the point where many other teams would like to have some of our back-up players, after the recent success in recruiting.

I do expect plenty more to hit the portal, as the winter goes on, and once a decision is made surrounding who will replace Rich Scangarello. Then, we will see a flood of decisions made in the days following as they prep for what they want in their next season of college football. Do they want to stay, or do they see other fit chances for them elsewhere? There is truly a lot to decide this offseason and it doesn't look like it will ever not be this way with the portal having such an instant impact.

Nine players gone already in less than two weeks. I wonder how many it will end up being?


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