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Kentucky Freshman Dekel Crowdus Suffers From Injury

(Picture Credit: Kentucky Sports Radio)

It seems to be coming a summer tradition now where individuals on the Kentucky football team wind up injured during practice, sidelining them for months to possibly the entire season.

News is being reported at this moment that Freshman wide-receiver Dekel Crowdus is that player. It's also being reported that it could possibly be his ACL, but that is not yet confirmed.

More news will come out in the coming days, and I will update you as it does. Unfortunate to see this happen to such a potential star of the team. It's not likely that it will make a huge difference for this season, but it does keep him from getting valuable reps as a freshman, preparing for when his time does come which wasn't thought to be far down the road.

Prayers for Dekel and hopeful for a quick recovery. Crowdus is expected to be a huge part of the teams offense in the coming years.

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