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Kentucky Gaining Respect In AP Poll

Following a road win in Nashville over Vanderbilt and a beatdown of Tennessee in Rupp Arena, the Cats move up to #12 in the AP Poll. They dropped to #18 last week after a road loss to LSU, but have moved up in the poll in 4 of the past 5 weeks.

This upcoming week will be critical in determining both the AP and SEC rankings for the following week. Kentucky, who is 4-1 in SEC play, takes on Texas A&M (4-0) and #2 Auburn (5-0), both on the road. Texas A&M is unranked, but they still fall under the "Others Receiving Votes" category. A pair on wins will certainly shoot up Kentucky into the top 10, maybe top 5, of the AP Poll, as well as the top of the conference.

The full list is as follows:

  1. Gonzaga

  2. Auburn

  3. Arizona

  4. Purdue

  5. Baylor

  6. Duke

  7. Kansas

  8. Wisconsin

  9. UCLA

  10. Houston

  11. Villanova

  12. Kentucky

  13. LSU

  14. Michigan State

  15. Iowa State

  16. USC

  17. Illinois

  18. Texas Tech

  19. Ohio State

  20. Xavier

  21. Providence

  22. Loyola Chicago

  23. Texas

  24. Tennessee

  25. UConn

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