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Kentucky loses at Missouri

In the most boring manner possible, Kentucky found a way to lose to Missouri.

The entire game was a slow paced process in which neither team did much besides go three and out then punt the ball, keeping the score to stuck at 7-3 for nearly the entire first quarter. There were only 145 total yards of offensive traveled by Kentucky, limiting their quarterbacks to a unacceptable 47 yards. You will never win a game if that's all you can move the football.

Mark Stoops switched between Terry Wilson and Joey Gatewood multiple times, seeing if one of the two can provide a spark for the offense in which neither of them did. With the reps that Joey Gatewood got to showcase, he only made it more clear that Terry isn't the problem with our offense... it's the other guys. The receivers could not get open and when they finally managed to, they couldn't catch the ball. Kentucky also couldn't hold the ball when running which led to them tallying two fumbles. No rhyme or rhythm to their offense.

The spectacular defense that we've seen the last two weeks didn't show up tonight, and nearly looked lost out there. I can credit that Missouri had a hard time scoring, which only goes to fault on their side, but one thing they didn't have any problem with was moving the ball. They managed to rack up 421 yards of offense with 201 of that being from it's rushers. They had possession of the football forever 75% of the game and it's probably a good thing because Kentucky could've lasted by a lot more than 10 points if they had the ball more.

Stats that contribute to the loss:

  • Missouri had 421 yards of offense compared to Kentucky's 145

  • Missouri converted 26 first downs compared to Kentucky's 8

  • Missouri earned 92 plays while they limited Kentucky to only 36

  • Kentucky was 2/9 on third downs

  • Missouri rushed for 220 yards compared to Kentucky's 98

  • Missouri threw for 201 yards compared to Kentucky's 47

  • Kentucky only had 4 completions from their quarterbacks

Kentucky has been relying on their defense recently and when they didn't show up today, it left Kentucky scrambling to produce some kind of offense that never came.

Honestly just a nightmare for Mark Stoops and his team, which will leave that long trip back to Lexington, full of questions that I'm not sure they have answers for. Kentucky is now 2-3 on the season as they will take on the Georgia Bulldogs next Saturday evening.


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