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Kentucky Loses At Missouri

It's been a while since we've been here to recap a Kentucky basketball loss this season, 8 days to be exact, and I can admit I've enjoyed not being miserable and having my night absolutely ruined as I try to make sense of this years team.

Kentucky fell to Missouri tonight, as the entire schedule seems to be getting a 'piece of the Kentucky cake' as this clearly seems to be the year to get yours versus Kentucky while the gettin' is good.

I was never really confident in Kentucky winning tonight as I've lost touch of that after losing 11 of our 16 games this season, but the Wildcats came out hot in the second half with a quick 15-3 run right out of the gate, actually creating some interest in the game. They kept it within about six the rest of the way, until the infamous media timeout, where Kentucky cut a seven point deficit into three, with 3:45 to play. With multiple missed layups and turnovers inside the arc, the Tigers would go on to cap the game off with a five point win, 75-70. As you could've predicted, Kentucky absolutely switch to lost-mode for the final minutes and gave the game away, as they have all season long.


We didn't see Dontaie Allen the entire second half, when he's respectively been one of our best scorers most of the season, and you'd think we could've used his presence late in the game, but for some odd reason that I can't explain, we didn't. Cal said he just "rode with the guys who were doing well" for the second half. "We were shooting 60%." As that is correct, Dontaie Allen wouldn't have messed that flow up very much, if anything could have added to it, but maybe for a big reason I don't get paid to coach this basketball team.

John Calipari says Terrence Clarke stayed back in Lexington tonight (with Jacob Toppin [sick- not covid related] and Joel Justus) so they could heal up and prepare for Staurdays game against Tennessee. Noted, Terrence Clarke has traveled with the team to all of their away games the entire season despite being injured, and for him to not come to this one did seem odd. Cal said that if Terrence Clarke can practice tomorrow (Thursday) without limping, he believes he can get some minutes against the Volunteers this weekend. Terrence Clarke has been out since Christmas due to an ankle injury... That's quite some time to be rehabbing this injury. I'm not speculating that it's something else, cause it isn't, it is an injury, it's just this has been extended for way longer than many believed it would be.

Kentucky is now 5-11, and 4-5 in conference play. This season is a wrap, and we should just transition into watching this team find some growth until our schedule is completed, and not continue getting our hearts stabbed, hoping for something great to come out of this season. We're past that point, and we're not going back.


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