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Kentucky loses Louisville rivalry game

Six games straight. Yes, Kentucky has lost six games straight. For something that I never would've dreamed was possible in the Cal era at Kentucky, has happened. Capping it off with this loss coming from the cross-state rivalry school, Louisville, makes it hurt even worse. If you're going to lose every game of the season, this is THE ONE you cannot lose... The Cats fought hard, but managed to fall short once again as they lose by three points.

I don't want to bring you here to continue complaining, as I've done that for the last five games and I'm honestly tired of complaining. But, I'll be straight forward with you and tell you that this team just isn't good right now. I do believe they're close to flipping the page, and are on the cusp of figuring out how to win ball games, but you've got to realize if they keep waiting too long we won't have a shot at making the NCAA Tournament.

Todays Kentucky "MVP's" definitely go to Davion Mintz and Jacob Toppin. Mintz finished with 19 points, 7 rebounds, 2 assists and 2 steals as he shot 6/12 from the field and 4/6 from the three. The veteran guard kept this one from getting out of hand. Toppin, finished with impactful 10 points and 6 rebounds on 5/7 shooting as he had his best game of his Kentucky career. Davion Mintz says it's "no surprise" that Jacob played the way he did today. "He's had his best practices this week."

Terrence Clarke and Olivier Sarr combined for 1 point and 1 rebound as Sarr has just completed his second consecutive game without a made field goal. Terrence Clarke played through an ankle injury, in which he didn't return to the game after the halftime mark. Cal says "He's hurt. He's playing at 80%." Also, that he plans to meet with Olivier Sarr this weeks to discuss the shooting drought. "We need Olivier to make baskets."

On the final two shots for Kentucky in attempt to make the go-ahead points to beat Louisville, they went with the same play they used against Notre Dame, designed for Olivier Sarr to shoot that corner jump shot again. While I do give them credit for executing the play right and giving Olivier Sarr a great look on the last shot that nearly went in, I will say, for a player who hasn't scored in two games I'm not sure if I would've asked him to make a game winner. It makes more sense for someone like Davion Mintz, who scored 19 and hit four threes against the Cards to have that green light. With the Sarr miss, Louisville makes two free throws and leaves the Wildcats with the final shot under 6 seconds, and for some reason, that I will not accept no matter what excuse you give me, BJ Boston took the deep three as time expired. BJ Boston is clearly not the star we thought he would be, and is shooting less than 15% on the season from behind the arc. There is no reason he should've been shooting that, and I can name you at least 5 others who needed to be. Did someone say Dontaie Allen?

Kentucky falls to.... 1-6, knocking on that door of the 1926-27 team who started 1-8. Things are ugly, but we are seeing glimpse of good things, but now we just wait for them to put it all together and make some magic from it.


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