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Kentucky loses to Georgia

Updated: Nov 5, 2020

Kentucky nows loses in back to back games and moves onto 2-4 on the season.

Kentucky wasn't expected win todays game against Georgia but that still doesn't take away from the idea that it was a pretty depressing game to watch. Low scoring, no movement, slow offense that just couldn't seem to do anything productive on the UK side.

The Wildcats were held to 229 yards of offense and only 91 in the passing game. Run after run, Kentucky scrapped their way to 138 yards but went 7/16 on third downs, making

none of it worth while.

If you want to find anything positive from this game, you can applaud Kentuckys defense for holding No. 5 Georgia to only 14 points. Although they did give up 346 yards of offense, holding a top-tier SEC team to just two scores is quite impressive. Their defense is what gave them a chance to win the game, but when you can't produce offense, how do you expect to win games,

The only score Kentucky had was a field goal by Matt Ruffolo, leaving the Cats touchdown-less. We finally got to see a good glimpse of Joey Gatewood football this afternoon, after he managed to throw for 91 yards and went 15/25 on completions against the No. 1 defense in the SEC, which is a good foundation to start with, but not enough to win games by any means.

A rough day for offense in the bluegrass, but Kentucky will get a week break as they enter their bye week of the season. They need put a lot of the focus of the week into their offense, specifically to their receiving group. Countless of passes were dropped that could've how sprouted into momentum for the team. That’s not all that’s wrong with this team, but that’s the majority of it, and sorry to be the bearer of bad news but you can’t win games if you can’t produce an offense.

Kentucky will enter their bye week of the season, then return with a game against Vanderbilt on November 14th.


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