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Kentucky loses to Richmond, in just the second game of the season.

Let me start off by saying that I would in no way call this game an "upset." Yeah Kentucky has that pretty little No.10 ranking next to their name, and Richmond falls under the category of a late November non-conference loss to an unranked team, but this Richmond team is way more than just a unranked team. Richmond is a top 50, mid-major team that will finish this season fighting throughout the Sweet Sixteen.

When you don't get to have your two exhibitions to start the season off, to get a feel for how your team is since you're only returning one active player from last years season (who is currently injured), you have moments like this.

Not to mention, when you add in that Kentucky:

- shot 36% from the field

- went 0-10 from the three

- missed 13 free throws (20-33)

- had 21 turnovers

- got out scored in the paint

- out scored by Richmonds bench

- got beat in assists and steals

How can you expect to win games? You just can't if you play like that.

It's hysterical to me that every fall, when we lose a few games that some "fans" act like they sky is falling, as if we don't go through this every season. What makes it even better is that those same fans will be sitting in front of their TVs come March, watching this team go deep into the tourney. Never fails.

You've heard this a million times, that this team is super young, and they have no experience but sadly that is the truth. It takes time for teams to develop, and as you're shown every season, Cal knows how to get his teams prepare for March. He's went on to say so many times that he prefers this to happen now, rather than going undefeated and losing when it matters.

BJ Boston reiterated the same message after todays game:

It's like clockwork and I don't understand why people want to re-up this conversation every season.

Anyways, Kentucky is now 1-1 to start of the season and that's about all of my rant I have, so I'm looking forward to Kentucky bouncing back Tuesday as they suit up against Kansas.


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