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Kentucky Media Day: QB Edition

Kentuckys quarterback chart has been one of the main focuses of the summer, breaking down and picking apart who might become QB1 after the departure of Terry Wilson. Things seem to be leaning towards Will Levis being that guy, but no official word has came out or will come out until after fall camp and likely in the few days before the first game, during Week 1.

Will Levis

Penn State transfer Will Levis spoke with the media on his time in Kentucky, and how things are looking for him in the programs system.

“Kentucky was one of the first schools to reach out to me (in the transfer portal). Even from the start, I knew from that the opportunity, might not get any better than that. The more and more I talked to the coaches and did my own research about the school, and the program itself, I just really became confident that this is a place that I could thrive in. It didn't take long, I think I committed a couple of weeks after that first conversation with them. Playing in the SEC, playing for a team that's done really well in the past, I obviously got to see it first hand in the Citrus Bowl my freshman year.. I just really think this program has good things in store for the future, and with the addition of Coach (Liam) Coen it's only going to get better."

"I've always been confident in my ability to throw, and I know that Coach Coen is going to be confident in it as well, and to be able to showcase my arm talent is going to be really exciting for me. Just being able to put on display all the throws that I can make, the offense allows me to make all kind of different throws, which is really exciting."

Will Levis discusses the 'Big Blue Wall' and his first introduction to it:

Joey Gatewood

Last years backup Quarterback, Joey Gatewood, looking to earn the starting role this season, says that all the QB competition raises everyones game to a higher level. "Thats the only thing it can do is raise your game.. that's what you want. Competition will make you better."

“It’s all about taking it day by day.”

Joey Gatewood is a serious contender for the starting job in Lexington, and it shouldn’t be downplayed by any means. Despite the trend leaning towards Levis, the coaching staff has made it clear whoever comes out of fall camp the better play will own it.

Beau Allen

In all honestly, Beau Allen won’t be the starter when the season kicks off. Allen has an arsenal full of talent, but it’s been pretty obvious for a while now that the former Lexington Catholic star is in it for the long run and will be in more contention for a major role in the following seasons. In my opinion there is just a lot more talent in Levis and Gatewood, with Allen having plenty of time to cement his name since he’s just now only a sophomore.

Beau says he’s been working on his footwork throughout the offseason, and learning how to stay in rhythm with the receivers during their offense.

All of the quarterback seem to love the addition of Liam Coen to the staff, and that Coen “just understands“ what it’s like as a college athlete, and think that his age helps him connect easier with the players.

I didn’t get a chance to interview Nik Scalzo or Kaiya Sheron, but both guys were there and participating in all of the events.

The heights of this quarterback depth chart are through the roof, and there is no shortage of talent. Mark Stoops made it clear in the hiring of Liam Coen that he wanted his offense to excel more in the passing game, and it looks like they’re setting up exactly to do just that.


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