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Kentucky Moves Up Again In AP Rankings

Following 2 more blowout victories this past week against Missouri and High Point, the Cats move up from #18 to #16 - tied with Providence at #16 - in this week's edition of the AP poll.

Auburn moved up to #9 and Alabama to #15, making Kentucky the third highest SEC team in the poll. Tennessee and LSU also made the poll, making it 5 total SEC teams to represent the top 25.

Kentucky's opponent on Tuesday, LSU, dropped 5 spots to #21 following a road loss to Auburn. However, this will still serve as our first ranked opponent since our opening game of the season against Duke (currently #2).

The full list is as follows:

  1. Baylor

  2. Duke

  3. Purdue

  4. Gonzaga

  5. UCLA

  6. Kansas

  7. USC

  8. Arizona

  9. Auburn

  10. Michigan State

  11. Iowa State

  12. Houston

  13. Ohio State

  14. Texas

  15. Alabama

  16. Kentucky (tie) Providence (tie)

  17. none

  18. Tennessee

  19. Villanova

  20. Colorado State

  21. LSU

  22. Xavier

  23. Wisconsin

  24. Seton Hall

  25. Texas Tech


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