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Kentucky Moves Up In The Weekly Polls Following MSU Win

Updated: Oct 25, 2022

We're about 12 hours out from Kentucky's top-twenty win over Mississippi State which of course, will have them back climbing the ranks again. They're now 5-2 with two conference wins, and one close conference loss on the road. A solid resume that I actually agree with this ranking in its entirety.

In this week's AP Poll top twenty-five rankings, Kentucky comes in at No. 19 in the nation. Finding a win over No. 16 MSU by double-digits will look good on the resume, and it continues the streak in this series between the two, with each team winning at home each season, going back-and-forth every other year.

The Ap Top-25 as of now:
  1. Georgia

  2. Ohio State

  3. Tennessee

  4. Michigan

  5. Clemson

  6. Alabama

  7. Ole Miss

  8. TCU

  9. UCLA

  10. Oregon

  11. Oklahoma State

  12. USC

  13. Wake Forest

  14. Syracuse

  15. Utah

  16. Penn State

  17. Kansas State

  18. Illinois

  19. Kentucky

  20. Texas

  21. Cincinnati

  22. North Carolina

  23. North Carolina State

  24. Mississippi State

  25. Tulane

Kentucky also jumps in the Coaches Poll to No. 18 from the 22nd spot this past week, making a jump in both polls.

With the win last night, the fanbase seems to be back in good spirits again. They should be. Our team has time to heal and we will likely get the bulk of our team back with a road trip coming to try to take down a top-five Tennessee team on their home field in a few weeks. There's a lot left to accomplish in this season.



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