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Kentucky Not Ranked In Latest AP Poll

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

The weekly AP Poll rankings have been released and Kentucky did not make the cut. While they found a great bit of success on Saturday afternoon, that some are calling a "newfound life" for this team, getting a tough win on the road against No. 5 Tennessee and avoiding a three-game losing streak was not enough to get into the top 25.

After all that occurred this weekend in the college basketball world, here is the latest AP Top 25 that was released this morning:

  1. Houston

  2. Kansas

  3. Purdue

  4. Alabama

  5. UCLA

  6. Gonzaga

  7. Texas

  8. Xavier

  9. Tennessee

  10. Virginia

  11. Arizona

  12. Iowa State

  13. Kansas State

  14. TCU

  15. UConn

  16. Auburn

  17. Miami (FL)

  18. Charleston

  19. Clemson

  20. Marquette

  21. Baylor

  22. Providence

  23. Rutgers

  24. Florida Atlantic

  25. Arkansas

You might not have noticed, but Kentucky, Duke and North Carolina are all not ranked at the moment. Outside the outlier of Kansas, all of the bluebloods are struggling at the same time. This is exactly what happened during the 2020 season, as if it is contagious.

While that makes things feel a little better, being unranked is still not great and I am ready for this team to get back in the polls. This weekend was a big time win and they have two remaining games until the next version of the top twenty five is released. Kentucky hosts the Georgia Bulldogs on Tuesday night (Jan. 17), then they will host the Texas A&M Aggies on Saturday (Jan. 21), both of which can put them back into the positive if they take care of business.

I am very aware that one win cannot fix everything, and that there is a lot that needs to be tweaked regarding this team. With that being said, this weekend's win was much needed and is a step in the right direction.


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