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Kentucky Ranked 33rd In Preseason AP Poll

Updated: Aug 24, 2023

The Kentucky Wildcats landed 32nd overall in the Coaches Poll that was released last week and according to AP voters, they feel about the same in regards to this years Kentucky Football squad based on their preseason rankings.

The AP Poll was released earlier today and the Wildcats were ranked 33rd overall in the preseason rankings. Kentucky did however land in the "others receiving votes" category as they received 14 votes.

Kentucky finds themselves the fourth-highest ranked SEC East team behind Georgia, Tennessee, and South Carolina, with the Gamecocks just outside the top-25 at 27th. Kentucky is also the 9th highest from the SEC as they are just after Alabama, LSU, Ole Miss, Texas A&M, and Arkansas.

Kentucky's in-state rival, Louisville, came one spot and four top-25 votes (10) behind the Wildcats for a preseason ranking of 34th in the preseason AP Poll. If you want a look at the entire AP Poll rankings, here is the entire list.

  1. Georgia (60)

  2. Michigan (2)

  3. Ohio State (1)

  4. Alabama

  5. LSU

  6. USC

  7. Penn State

  8. Florida State

  9. Clemson

  10. Washington

  11. Texas

  12. Tennessee

  13. Notre Dame

  14. Utah

  15. Oregon

  16. Kansas State

  17. TCU

  18. Oregon State

  19. Wisconsin

  20. Oklahoma

  21. North Carolina

  22. Ole Miss

  23. Texas A&M

  24. Tulane

  25. Iowa

Other programs receiving votes: Texas Tech 101, South Carolina 73, UCLA 66, UTSA 64, Arkansas 22, Boise State 17, Pittsburgh 16, Kentucky 14, Louisville 10, Troy 10, Kansas 10, Auburn 7, Minnesota 6, Toledo 4, Duke 4, Mississippi State 4, Florida 4, Illinois 3, Baylor 3, Coastal Carolina 3, South Alabama 1, NC State 1, James Madison 1, Liberty 1.



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