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Kentucky Ranked 16th In The College Basketball Preseason AP Poll

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

The Kentucky Wildcats will start the season off with a preseason ranking of 16th in the country, a spot that I believe is a little low from where I believe this team is going perform at this season but that's okay, it's still the middle of October and these rankings still do not matter. Anyways, here's the top-ten put out by the AP Poll.

  1. Kansas

  2. Duke

  3. Purdue

  4. Michigan State

  5. Marquette

  6. UConn

  7. Houston

  8. Creighton

  9. Tennessee

  10. Florida Atlantic

Like I mentioned, Kentucky sits at No. 16 just behind Texas A&M and ahead of San Diego State. Another notable program behind Kentucky is North Carolina at No. 19. Kansas and Duke round out the top-two.

Kentucky brings in the nation's top overall recruiting class and returns one of the best players in college basketball last season in Antonio Reeves. You won't convince me there are fifteen teams better than that, no chance. If you want to check out the full AP Poll, you can view the top twenty-five here.

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