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Kentucky Remains Ranked As They Exit The Regular Season

Fresh off a gutsy win down in Fayetteville, which followed a very head-scratcher of a loss at home on Senior Night against Vanderbilt, one could see how the Cats could fluctuate one way or another in the AP rankings this week. Losing a game you should have won while winning a game that maybe you should have lost makes things very confusing. It does for me, at least.

Once the committee got together and totaled up all of the votes, Kentucky managed to remain at the same spot that they were at just a week ago, coming in at No. 23 overall in the poll. Although they spent many weeks unranked in the calendar year, what really matters is being ranked towards the end of the season and that's exactly what they've accomplished. They exit the regular season as a top twenty-five team across the country.

  1. Houston (29-2)

  2. UCLA (27-4)

  3. Kansas (25-6)

  4. Alabama (26-5)

  5. Purdue (26-5)

  6. Marquette (25-6)

  7. Texas (23-8)

  8. Arizona (25-6)

  9. Gonzaga (26-5)

  10. Baylor (22-9)

  11. UConn (24-7)

  12. Kansas State (23-8)

  13. Virginia (23-6)

  14. Miami (FL) (24-6)

  15. Xavier (23-8)

  16. Saint Mary's (25-6)

  17. Tennessee (22-9)

  18. Texas A&M (23-8)

  19. Indiana (21-10)

  20. San Diego State (24-6)

  21. Duke (23-8)

  22. TCU (20-11)

  23. Kentucky (21-10)

  24. Creighton (20-11)

  25. Missouri (23-8)

Kentucky's next game is slated for 9:00 p.m. ET. at Bridgestone Arena (Nashville) on Friday evening. They'll play the winner of Georgia/LSU vs. Vanderbilt.


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