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Kentucky's 2022 Team Captains Announced

With four days left until kickoff, Kentucky has announced who their captains will be for the 2022 season. Will Levis, Chris Rodriguez, Kenneth Horsey, Jaquez Jones, DeAndre Square, Jordan Wright, and J.J. Weaver have been given the high honor of being designated as leaders for the team.

It comes as no surprise that all of the offensive captains are in their senior seasons in. Will Levis has been a leader on and off the field since he walked onto campus and swiftly beat out Joey Gatewood and Beau Allen for the starting job. Meanwhile, Kenneth Horsey's off the field battles with heart surgery along with volunteering throughout the entire Lexington community shows how deserving he is of this title. It's also worth noting that Horsey is a high-quality starter when healthy. Given the drama and speculation surrounding Chris Rodriguez, it may seem odd to see his name on this list. With that, it is no secret that the coaching staff and players love the star senior and Mark Stoops will go to battle for any of his players. While Chris appearing on this list may raise some eyebrows from the outside, he is very much a respected leader inside Kentucky's football facility.

The defensive captains are all upperclassmen, but J.J. Weaver does get the nod as a captain while being a junior. Weaver is finally at full strength from is 2020 ACL injury and is expected to make a huge leap after a promising 2021 campaign. On the opposite end, Jordan Wright has been a mainstay on this Kentucky roster and is a great example of the development process that Coach Stoops always talks about. Earlier in fall camp, Stoops spoke about how he was pleased with the vocal leadership that Wright had taken on which explains why he is now a 2022 captain. Similarly to Wright, DeAndre Square has been in Lexington for a while now. The fifth-year senior is widely respected in the locker room and it comes as no surprise to see him on this list. While it is only his second year at Kentucky, Jaquez Jones is a very experienced and polished player. Jones and the aforementioned DeAndre Sqaure round out what many expect an elite duo at inside linebacker and Jones will be right along Sqaure as one of the leaders on the defensive end.

Long story short, all of the players on this list have made huge contributions to the Kentucky football program and expected to make even more in 2022. This is a very deserving group of players and Big Blue Nation should expect big things from them this year.


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