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Kentucky's Final AP Ranking

With the season ending and the postseason about to take off, Kentucky and the rest of college basketball have received their final AP Poll rankings of the regular season.

Kentucky finished in the top five across the nation while UNC snuck into the last spot. Gonzaga holds the lead at No. 1. Also worth noting, Murray State makes an appearance at No. 22 as they've only lost just two games all season.

AP Top 25 Regular Season Final Rankings:

  1. Gonzaga

  2. Arizona

  3. Baylor

  4. Auburn

  5. Kentucky

  6. Kansas

  7. Duke

  8. Villanova

  9. Purdue (Tied with Tennessee at 9th)

  10. Tennessee (Tied with Purdue at 9th)

  11. Providence

  12. Wisconsin

  13. UCLA

  14. Texas Tech

  15. Arkansas

  16. Illinois

  17. Saint Mary's

  18. Houston

  19. Murray State

  20. Connecticut

  21. USC

  22. Texas

  23. Colorado State

  24. Iowa

  25. North Carolina

While a top-five evaluation across the entire country isn't something to complain about, I do believe Kentucky beats Auburn (ranked one spot ahead of Kentucky) at a neutral site or in Lexington, and even more so when healthy. So if you asked me, I'd have Kentucky sitting in the top-four but what do I know.

But we're all aware that the AP Poll rankings aren't held into very highly of consideration, and at this point of the season, they essentially don't matter at all, so we'll just let it be what it is. What really matters is how Kentucky gets seeded in the NCAA Tournament. Depending how they play in the conference tournament this weekend, they might end up making the last No. 1 overall seed for March. That will likely happen if they win the SEC Tournament and a near guarantee of it being so if they were to beat Auburn in the championship game.

The Cats will be seeded as a 3 seed for their trip to Tampa, playing Friday evening with a double-bye in the tournament.


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