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Kentucky's Path In The SEC Tournament

It’s that time of the year ladies and gentlemen. It’s SEC tourney time, and I couldn’t be more excited. Kentucky fans obsessively take over another city in another state, reassuring the conference that they run the fan base side of things yet again. A town that is the home of country music, currently Will Levis, and SEC Tournament basketball. Some know it as “Music City”, I know it as “BBNashville.”

The ‘Cats will head down on Thursday morning and arrive to the city to start their introduction to the arena, anxiously awaiting their opponent who plays that night at 7:00 PM. 7-seeded Texas A&M will take on 10-seeded Ole Miss Rebels in the Second Round with the winner advancing to Friday night at the same time. One team Kentucky has lost to, and the other Kentucky has beaten. The loss came to the Aggies back in January, which was on the road and was forced to an overtime dual. The win came against the latter, which was at home and with ease.

I think Kentucky would like to see Ole Miss if they got to choose, but in all reality I don’t think they’re worried about either. Kentucky’s improved so much within the last two months and I’m confident that if they went head-to-head with Texas A&M that Kentucky would win by double-digits. I think with Ole Miss you could bet the house on a win as well, especially when the crowd of blue gets on their feet making it Rupp-Arena-on-the-road kind of environment.

Assuming Kentucky wins their Friday night matchup they’d then go on to play the winner of Georgia/Missouri/Florida versus Alabama, a foursome of teams Kentucky has all beat before. So looking at the six available Saturday opponents for Kentucky (from the start of the tournament) Kentucky’s only lost to one of them which is TA&M. I like those odds.

One thing I really look forward to is seeing the Kentucky fans that take over Bridgestone Arena in “Go Big Blue” chants and fill up every bar and restaurant within walking distance of the arena. There’s truly nothing like it. No other fan base comes close, and if there were, they wouldn’t have the consistency that this fan base does. It’s one of a kind, it’s special, it’s the greatest.

Another note - Kentucky’s won just 1 SEC Tournament game since the 2019 season (2022 vs. Vanderbilt). You don’t need me to tell you that they are long overdue in an event they use to run the table in. Their last SECT Championship game came in 2018 and I feel like they have as good as chance as anyone in this season, which I haven’t been able to say comfortably in years. Don’t get me wrong, this conference is full of great teams this year and it ain’t going to be easy at all, but Kentucky has just as much offensive talent as anyone and so that’s enough to ride a Friday night win and keep fans there for the middle of the weekend with having to win just one more game to advance to the finals. This team has what it takes, they’re playing their best basketball, and most importantly, it’s time.

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