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Kentucky Set To Play Louisville On New Year's Eve

(Picture Credit via WKYT)

A near two-year hiatus will soon end as Kentucky officially has Louisville listed on their basketball schedule for the 2022-23 season.

This year's matchup of the of the I-64 rivalry is slated to go for December 31st, ending the year with a must-watch game for all Kentuckians. The time of the event hasn't been made public yet, but you'd have to think it will be in the afternoon some time, my guess is around Noon because there's no way that game would get watched that evening due to everyone in the country drowning themselves in alcohol and the party scene in anticipation of the ball dropping for the new year.

I honestly don't mind the idea of this game taking place on New Year's Eve day especially with it falling on a Saturday this year, but unfortunately some of its attention will be taken away due to the bowl games being played, New Year's plans and people traveling. Don't worry, I'm not complaining, I'm just happy to have this rivalry back and giving Oscar Tshiebwe the chance to feel what it's like to participate the annual beatdown of our number one enemy.

(Picture Credit via CBS)

The Cardinals were scheduled to play Kentucky last season but had to cancel because of a covid outbreak on the Louisville side, in which Kentucky had to find a new opponent in Western Kentucky. While they legitimately had an outbreak, it was pretty obvious Kentucky was the better team - and that's not even being biased - and it created an easy opportunity for the Big Blue Nation to throw another jab at them pointing out they were just too scared to play us. As their delusional fans always do, they insisted that wasn't the case. Our 11-3 record in the Cal-era says otherwise.

With that being said, the all-time record has Kentucky leading 37-17, with the last game played taking place way back on December 26th, 2020, which will be 735 days between that game and this year's game. That's too long for my liking, and I'm happy to see it's now set in stone of our next throw down.



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