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Kentucky Starting Five Projection

It's that time of the year where some people are making the transition of switching from football season to basketball season, and with Kentucky having a 'rough' season compared to what was expected, it only pushes people more.

I'm still showing up each week for Stoops & Co., but put me in for all the preseason basketball hype. Pro Day is TWO DAYS, and Big Blue Madness is in ten. Hell, Kentuckys first game is in 15 days, barely breaking the two week barrier. I'm excited as ever as Cal is bringing in his seventh No. 1 overall recruiting class in just 12 years, and adding some big time names to the class, with the addition of Jacob Toppin, Davion Mintz and Olivier Sarr. Despite only returning one active player to the roster, and losing 94% of last years scoring, Kentucky looks to be one of the most impressive teams in the country.

Some summer buzz about round two of the platoon system, mostly jokes, has came into play as you start to break down the roster. I don't think Kentucky is that deep, and I don't expect them to win their first 38 games of the season either, but I definitely think this teams ceiling is very high, knocking on the door of the 2014-15 team.

Kentucky has multiple options at every position, and will have a depth of nearly 11 players.

To Kentucky fans, that's music to their ears as we really seen Kentucky struggle last season after dealing with injury after injury, leaving Kentucky with about a seven player rotation.

The official roster:


Devin Askew

Davion Mintz

Jacob Toppin

BJ Boston

Terrence Clarke

Dontaie Allen


Lance Ware

Olivier Sarr

Cam'Ron Fletcher

Isaiah Jackson

Keion Brooks


Riley Welch

Brennan Canada

Kareem Watkins

Zan Payne

I'm going to make my starting five prediction, just two weeks away from Kentuckys first game versus Morehead State, and in two months we'll look back and see how wrong I am.

PG: Devin Askew

SG: BJ Boston SF: Terrence Clarke PF: Keion Brooks C: Olivier Sarr

Keion Brooks has been rehabbing a leg injury throughout the summer, but UK has said its nothing major, and that he will be fine for the start of the season. I almost put Keion coming off the bench for the first few games, but if he's healthy and ready to go, Kentucky will need his veteran leadership on the court. Of course Kentucky will have 7 upperclassmen on this years roster, but Keion Brooks knows how John Calipari runs his teams and what is expected.

At the point guard position, you have to choose between an elite talent of a freshman in Devin Askew, or a graduate transfer coming from a good Creighton career in Davion Mintz.

BJ Boston and Terrence Clarke are both locks in the starting lineup, and you can go ahead and put the locks on their names for the lottery pick selection in this summers NBA Draft.

Olivier Sarr is our Center, our 7 foot rim-protecting big man, and our final piece to be a serious title contender. Kentucky did everything in their power to get Sarr eligible at Kentucky, because they know just how valuable he can be. This will be his final chance at turning heads of the front offices across the league, and anything less will turn into an overseas chance, likely in Europe. Either way, he'll be getting paid to play basketball for a living, and what more could you ask for.

An exciting team, with plenty of plug-ins at every position. There are all kinds of opinions that could be argued for a projecting starting five. What's yours?


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