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Governor's Cup Game Time Announced

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Photo Credit: Spectrum News

After a very humbling loss at the hands of Alabama this past Saturday, the Wildcats find themselves 6-4 on the season with two remaining road games left to play. The first is the current game against South Carolina, where Kentucky currently trails 10-7.

I know South Carolina isn't an elite team this year, however, let it be known that I personally think they are better than their record indicates. They lost a couple of close games with Florida and even number one ranked Georgia in which they were leading well into the third quarter. With two more wins to make South Carolina bowl eligible, Kentucky better be ready for a battle next Saturday night from the home team.

Kentucky's final game of the regular season comes as they are now destined to take on current ninth-ranked Louisville on the road at L&N Stadium. Louisville is currently sitting at 10-1 after their 38-31 victory against Miami today and now Kentucky stands in Louisville's way for a chance of an eleven-win season. Kentucky will be taking on a top-10 Cardinals team come November 25th. It was just announced that the matchup against the team down the road will be a noon game for Kentucky's final regular season game. ABC will be carrying the broadcast.

Kentucky needs to shake off the loss against Alabama and focus on taking care of business in South Carolina by not looking too far ahead for the Louisville game.

Now, what I am about to say is not trying to discredit what Jeff Brohm has done in his first season at Louisville, but the ACC is just not as competitive this season as the SEC and it showed a couple of times in Louisville's losses to a pretty bad Pittsburgh team and this past week to a horrendous Virginia team. What I am saying is this - Louisville is definitely beatable.

There is no reason for Kentucky to go into Louisville two weeks from now with their tails stuck between their legs. Kentucky is still the better team when it comes to talent when it comes to coaching, and when it comes to the difficulty of the schedule leading up to the matchup. You can't convince me that Kentucky wouldn't be in the same situation or very similar if they had the same schedule as Louisville. They just need to go in there with confidence and bring the Louisville fans back down to earth a little bit.

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