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Kentucky vs Vanderbilt Game Day Preview

The Kentucky Wildcats look to get back on track today against the Vanderbilt Commodores (2-7). If the Cats win today in Nashville that will mark 6 straight wins against Vanderbilt. Kentucky has seen it's historical season diminish since the outstanding 6-0 start going 0-3 since with losses to Georgia, Mississippi State, and Tennessee. The 6-3 Wildcats head to Nashville today to move forward and to finish the season strong with hopes of finishing out the year 3-0 with the final three games being against Vanderbilt, New Mexico State, and in state rival Louisville.

Kick off is scheduled for 7:00 PM EST on ESPN 2. The Wildcats will be supporting one of my favorite uniforms, their "iced out" look, all white uniforms for the game tonight.

The Commodores are 0-5 in SEC play and they average around 15 points a game scoring compared to Kentucky's 29. ESPN's Football Power Index is giving Kentucky's chance to win today at 93.6% respectfully and according to Draftkings Sportsbook, Kentucky as of right now is a 21.5 favorite against the Commodores.

My prediction: 38 - 17 Kentucky

I believe the score won't be out of reach for Vanderbilt by half time but I believe the Wildcats will pull away in the second half due to the lack of offense from the Commodores. Their quarterback, Ken Seals, has more interceptions (7) than touchdown passes (5). I think the defense lead by defensive coordinator, Brad White, will have made some adjustments since the lack luster performances against Mississippi State and Tennessee.

It has been a rough month for Kentucky football and this fan base just needs a win, even if it is just Vanderbilt. Kentucky still has a great opportunity to go to a good bowl game with three straight wins and finishing 9-3. Bowls such as the Outback, Gator, Belk, just to name a few would love to have Kentucky and their fans because they know that "Blue gets in", so let's stay behind this team and give them the love and support that they do deserve.



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