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Kentucky Will Wear Black Unis Against LSU

It's going to be a black-out in Kroger Field this weekend.

I guess black isn't the proper name for it, excuse me, anthracite. The football team has announced they will be wearing the chrome helmets and the anthracite colored jersey/pants against the tigers.

I have never in my life heard of that color name, but according to the dictionary it precisely says, 'The name anthracite comes from a precious variety of carbon: a black rock with a metallic shine, hence the reason anthracite appears on the black side even though it is actually a shade of deep grey that's almost black but in a softer version.' I guess you learn something new every day.

IAll week long there has been a rise in request from most of the fanbase for a 'black-out' dress code for the fans to wear to the LSU game, and it seems the narrative has been pushed to where most of the people in attendance will be wearing it. Although UK has not announced a request in a dress code from the fans, the news that they'd wear these color uniforms this weekend came much later than when all the chatter happened online, and I'm just going on the rails and saying that they heard the Big Blue Nation.

If you're going this weekend, what are you wearing?

Either way, wear black.


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