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Kentucky Wraps Up The 'Road' Season, With Another Loss.

Kentucky is one game away from completing the entire regular season, and one more loss from being a likely #9 seed in the SEC Tournament.

With Kentucky's loss tonight, they fall to 4-7 on the road this season, and 8-15 overall, with their last matchup coming on Saturday against South Carolina. It's even hard for me to type these sentences out, cause we haven't ever experienced anything ever like this with Kentucky Basketball - especially within the last decade. I often wonder if this is what Indiana feels like every year??

Keion Brooks finished with 16 points, 8 rebounds and 3 assists, backed up by Olivier Sarr's 15 points, 3 rebounds and a 1 block. Not to forget, the all-around help from Isaiah Jackson with 13 points, 3 rebounds, an assist, a steal and 3 blocks, as well as, Davion Mintz's 10 points, 2 rebounds and 8 assists. Not much help outside of those four, as Devin Askew was essentially pulled from the game after struggling most of the night, finishing with just 17 minutes and zero points.

John Calipari was asked after the game if he planned on rolling with Davion Mintz as our point guard (kind of late in the season to still be figuring out your point guard situation, right?) from here on out, and he said, "Maybe." Follows up with expressing love for Devin Askew: "I love Devin. But the kid is still learning."

Cal seemed to focus on tonight's loss being pointed towards Ole Miss' efforts on the boards, as the Cats were out-rebounded by fourteen, 42-28. Can't say he's wrong, but I'd also add in that it didn't help that a 28% season averaging three-point shooting team shot 62% (making 8 threes) from the arc, and having an impressive 46% shooting from the field, nearly hitting half of their shots they took (23-50) throughout the game. Not much you can do when a team is shooting lights out.. You can make your free-throws though, as Kentucky left 10 points off the scoreboard by missing some of those. They lost by eight, so what does that tell you?

Kentucky has now lost 15 of their 23 games this season, and there are not many excuses left on the board besides that we just flat out stink.



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