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KHSAA to remove tip-off with a coin flip in basketball games this season

Yes, you read that correctly. According to a report by A Nation of Blue, the KHSAA board has decided for this season due to Covid, that they will no longer have tip-offs at the start of High School basketball games, and instead, will do a coin flip to decide who starts off with the ball first.

In all sports across the entire country, you're going to start seeing the rules this season be adjusted to what they feel is most safe for the athletes, which is completely understandable, but this one I don't think was completely thought through.

The players will be rubbing up against each other the entire game, trading sweat, spit, and maybe even blood as they fight to win the ball game. Basketball is a physical sport, that includes no social distancing whatsoever, so taking away the tip-off isn't going to do a whole lot in the long run.

It's about the same equivalent of wearing a mask when you enter and leave a restaurant, but taking off the mask to eat your food in between. As if you're all of a sudden protected from the coronavirus while you're at your table?? Confuses me too. I guess that's how reality is now, and some things don't make much sense, but it's looking like that's how life will be for the near future.


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