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Lance Ware Enters The Transfer Portal

I know we were expecting some basketball news today, but this isn't the one we had listed on our calendars. We thought there might be a chance we land a player, not to lose one. On Thursday afternoon, senior to be, Lance Ware, announced on social media that he would be hitting the portal to find a new place to finish out his collegiate basketball career at.

"Although I have loved being a part of Kentucky, being coached by a Hall of Famer and his tremendous staff and battling alongside my brothers day in and day out, it is time for me to take my next step," said Lance in his post. "I have decided to enter my name into the transfer portal and explore my options to finish my collegiate career."

To be honest, I tabbed Lance Ware as the biggest lock as anyone to be a Wildcat next season. I've heard from many people over the years say that Lance loves Lexington, especially the downtown scene, and I believed every bit of it as he was always expressing his happiness being a part of this program. He has been here for quite some time, has always been deeply supported by the people around him, and has even became one of the fan-favorites by the "meme community" within the fanbase online. I thought for sure that he would graduate from here and this be a second home to him, and while he still can have strong ties to this place, it looks like his time here has been unfortunately cut short after 3 seasons.

He'll be remembered fondly by the fans here I'd say. He never complained about taking the back seat, never was a problem to his teammates or the fans, and embraced his opportunities here greatly when given them. He's also been through quite a lot since arriving to town. As he mentioned in his goodbye letter, he was here all through Covid, the passing of Terrence Clarke, and a lot of losses. I'd say his stretch here has been one of the toughest three-year stretches of any player who has been here, especially in the Cal era. And the amount of times I've been around him in media opportunities, as well as watching him either on TV or on social media, the kid was always smiling and was a light in each room. His positivity will be missed for sure, and I hope he finds the right option in a school to continue chasing his goals.

"Lance has gotten better every year. He’s an exceptional leader & as good a teammate as I’ve ever coached. He knows he is welcome to return if he doesn’t find the opportunity he’s looking for. Lance is Ellen’s favorite player, so I’m really not looking forward to telling her the news," said John Calipari on the news.

I think that's great for them to extend the invite back if he doesn't find the correct path. Looking back over his three seasons, Lance totaled in 77 games played, 702 minutes, 140 points (1.8 avg.), 171 rebounds (2.2 avg.), 32 blocks, 28 assists, and 19 steals.

Good luck to Mr. Ware on his offseason decision.



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