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Lexington Is Getting A Second Professional Baseball Team

Lexington Legends, welcome your new neighbor. The city is getting another profession baseball team.

The Atlantic League of Professional Baseball (ALPB) announced Thursday afternoon that it will be adding a 10th team to its league.

The name of the organization has yet to be announced, but will be in the coming days.

The team will share the Lexington Legends Ballpark stadium, with the Legends. The two clubs will also play each other as a part of their respective schedules throughout the season. The stadium can hold just short of 7,000 fans in attendance.

“One thing we’ve learned about this great city is that there is room for more baseball in Lexington,” Stands LLC CEO Andy Shea said.

The league is finalizing its 2022 schedule and plans to issue it by the end of this week, which the new Kentucky program will be listed on. So, you’d have to think the name of the organization would be out by that point.



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