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Liam Coen Kentucky Update

As we turn our eyes to the new year, and are looking to upgrade our offense head on during the offseason, it has been all but confirmed that Liam Coen will return to his role as the offensive coordinator on the Kentucky Football staff. It has been publicly reported by many credible sources that the plan is for him to return, once the Los Angeles Rams' season comes to an end. This has not been done by UK however.

After having a remarkable 10-3 season in his lone year as a Wildcat, then accepting the offensive coordinator position for the reigning Super Bowl champs, things ultimately just have not gone as planned for Liam in his time in Los Angeles. The Rams are 5-11, with one remaining game on their schedule coming on January 8th, with no shot of making it to the playoffs, just 11 months shy from winning it all. The future does not look bright there, as the staff is starting to depart to new opportunities in other places. Liam looks to be the next one by reverting back to college and finding his feel again.

As each press conference has gone for him recently, the Kentucky job gets brought up quite often. Thursday afternoon was no different. Liam was asked directly for an update, as the Rams season is closing out. He was asked, "What's your process like and have you made a decision yet?"

Coen responded by saying that he has not yet made a decision. He reassures that he wants to remain in touch with his current players and coaching staff and that his focus is on the Rams season. He addresses it directly and says that he and his wife will sit down this weekend and make an official announcement "in the next few days."

In all honesty, if you asked me, this does not worry me at all. I believe that this is just coach speak and I do not fault Liam at all for it. I actually respect it all and believe him when he says that he wants to remain focused on his current role within the Rams organization. That shows loyalty and accountability. Of course, he has been in discussion with Mark Stoops and Kentucky over the last few weeks. The college offseason for UK is here and they are hitting the recruiting trail hard and desperately need a name, Liam, to sell to their incoming players for next year's offense. With the players Kentucky was able to retain this offseason and the players they were able to bring in from the transfer portal, it looks like that is exactly what they have been doing. I feel that Liam is just waiting out until the Rams' season comes to an end and will leave in great standing with that organization. A lot of his coworkers there will respect him a lot more for it. Doing so will also help him when he plans to return to the league someday, which he has mentioned that was his ultimate goal.

I expect to hear his official announcement to join the Kentucky staff for a second time, all on just personal guessing and no inside information, next week sometime. If you want to watch Liam's entire press conference from today, you can do so here. While you are at it, make sure you are also following Cats Coverage on Twitter as the account there is rapidly growing.

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