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Liam Coen Linked To Two More Job Openings

This continuing timeline may never end until the final days of spring when we start knocking on the doors of summer. Kentucky's offensive coordinator, Liam Coen, has had his name associated with two more job openings this evening.

After spending one season in Lexington (2021), Coen was off to the Los Angeles Ram for another shot in the league. After a rather disappointing year and a mass exodus from the staff, Liam was right back in Lexington where he had found very recent success just prior to that role. In his second stint at UK, he helped lead the Wildcats to a 7-6 record adding to his 10-3 record from the first time. After publicly expressing that he wants to stay at Kentucky for more than one season this go-around, it has been an offseason with just about every offensive opening mentioning the possibility of adding him to it.

To start this Wednesday evening, Liam Coen's name was surfaced around 7:30 pm with Boston College. He alongside seven other candidates are being reported to have interest from the school for the Offensive Coordinator position. Wanted to kick the new news to the side and hope it dies off like the rest? No, you can't get that lucky. Bam, another one to go with it.

Liam Coen's name was also thrown around with a very appealing opportunity to join the Tampa Bay Bucaneers who are fresh off a NFL Playoff run. Rick Stroud covers the team for the Tampa Bay Times, a huge outlet from the area. You could see how another shot in the NFL on a great team could turn your eyes if you were offered.

I was hoping to come home and watch the Kentucky Basketball game tonight without hearing that our OC is getting targeted (for like the 20th time) by other opportunities. It sure would really leave Kentucky in a rough place if he was to accept one of them. Let's hope that doesn't happen. Just this week Mark Stoops mentioned that Liam has received full control of the offense and that's all that was missing from last season. That was the big emphasis on why he wouldn't want to be here for another season but the staff has already thrown that one out of the equation for this upcoming season. So to me, all would check green for a return. Until spring practice gets here, I guess we'll just have to keep dodging these job linkings and count on Liam staying planted right here.


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