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Listen To Tom Leach's Call Of The Reed Sheppard Game-Winner At MSU

Another all-time Kentucky moment unfolded on Tuesday evening down in Starkville coming from Laurel County's own Reed Sheppard. To seal the victory with 0.5 seconds remaining, a game-winning shot that came amongst the hardwood floor of the lane as it just flicked off of the fingertips of the UK legacy recruit, dagger. Kentucky wins by two.

"Over to Sheppard, Sheppard penetrates, floaterrrr, YESSSSS!! CATS WIN!!!... REED SHEPPARD RESCUES THE CATS WITH A FLOATER IN THE LANE!!!" Sending cold chills up your spine, Tom Leach calls another great moment for Kentucky Basketball. You can listen to the audio of Tom Leach's and Jack "Goose" Givens' live radio broadcast by the UK Sports Network in the post below. I've already listened to it over 30 times. It's glorious.

Missed the game? First I might ask, where the heck were you? But if that is the case, no worries because we've got the final shot highlight here as well. Enjoy.

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