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LISTEN: UK Football Coaches Get Mic'd Up In Spring Practices

The University of Kentucky football team has been practicing through their spring season since the first week of March, going a few days a week getting some more reps under their belts, as well as, allowing the players to start to develop a relationship with their new coaches.

When programs start having national success, their coaches usually get swept up by the bigger, more higher level jobs such as the NFL and the Alabama's of the world. Well, Kentucky's had that, and new coaches are becoming the norm around these streets, but of course, all for the better. With that being the case, UK has had an ongoing feature during their practices this spring in which they mic-up the coaches, giving fans an inside look as to what it would actually be like if you were in the practice.

I've compiled them all for you below.

March 23: Offensive Line Coach Zach Yenser gets mic'd up.

April 4th: It's now Offensive Coordinator Rich Scangarello's time to shine.

April 9th: Practice was put to a pause as the entire team had their annual Spring Game, which consisted of a inner-squad scrimmage between the 1's and 2's of the depth chart, as well as, the 3rd string positions in some instances. Blue versus White.

Mark Stoops got a chance to be the spotlight of the microphone on this day, the only difference was his was more of an interview rather than watching him in live action.

April 11th: The Wide-Receivers Coach Scott Woodward became the next featured guest.

April 18: Lastly, (as of now because they aren't yet done, this is just all they've put out up to this point), the brother of Mark, Mike Stoops, had the mic on him for a practice.

I look for Brad White, Vince Marrow and the rest of the coaches to follow suit to this social media feature the team has put out through the rest of the spring. I'm a huge fan of it because this is another way to help break up the offseason for fans, and give them an idea of what it's like to be in the practices (virtually) themselves.

Kudos, to the football social media team for doing this.


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