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LOOK: Terrence Clarke sees his name on his locker for the first time

Kentucky's star studded shooting guard, Terrence Clarke, is use to the stardom. The bright lights, fans all across the country, taking pictures everyday of the week with Kentucky fans, the big time moments aren't nothing new to him. That's why he's at Kentucky right?

The little things often get lost in the shadows, but moments like today are moments that Terrence will remember forever. When his time is done at Kentucky, after he ranks up in the record books, gets drafted, and is playing in the league, today will be a day he'll never forget.

Terrence Clarke sees his name above his locker in the UK locker room for the very first time.

"Thats tough," Terrence starts off with. "It was my dream to definitely get here. Especially since I first watched college basketball. Kentucky was one of the first teams I watched... I've got a lot of emotions right now, but I will say, we ready."

A pretty cool moment to say the least. A lot of hard work throughout High School is now paying little dividends for Terrence Clarke, and this is the first of many more to come.


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