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LOOK: UK Releases Images Of The Practice Field At The Joe Craft Football Training Facility

Updated: Mar 6, 2023

Basketball season is definitely still in full blast, don't get that confused or anything, but it's completely okay to peep your head into the UK Football world from time to time during the month of March because we now follow a football program that's worthy of coverage nearly year-round.

Next week the football program will begin their annual 'Spring Season' in which they conduct practices and usually a finale scrimmage that fans can come to before the core of the offseason arrives, but unfortunately that has been canceled this year. But back to my point, starting this Monday, March 6, the program will conduct a string of practices all the way through April 11 and get a chance to see what their team looks like against physical bodies at this point of the season.

But the main point of this post is to show the images that the UK Athletics department were nice enough to release, regarding the freshly painted field at the Joe Craft Football Training Facility. She looks absolutely perfect and fans will get a chance to see it for themselves and the players on this team come April 1 at Noon, when the gates are unlocked for the open practice session.

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