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Louisville Game Time Announced

Updated: Nov 18, 2022

Outside of the bowl game, we now have the time slots for the rest of the football season. Kentucky has Georgia and Louisville left on their 2022 schedule, hoping to at least grind out a 1-1 record or better to finish out the regular season.

Oddly enough, we're just a few weeks removed from these two games looking really exciting if you are a Kentucky fan. A chance to try and take down Georgia (Nov. 19), a foe you've had eyes set on for years now, and the annual beat down on your hour-away "rivals" down the road in Louisville (Nov. 26). Fast forward through the month of October and things aren't exactly looking the same. The hopes to upset the Bulldogs are rushed out the door and the guaranteed slaughter over the Cardinals isn't so much guaranteed as it once was. While Kentucky is the better team over Louisville to most of the country, including myself still, when you've owned "two of the worst losses in the Stoops era" in South Carolina and Vanderbilt (both at home) this year, nothing seems guaranteed anymore.

The official game time matchups for each will come during the afternoon. As just announced this morning, the last game of the season versus Louisville will be a 3 p.m. ET. kickoff in Lexington. And incase you missed it, the Georgia game will be slated for 3:30 p.m. ET.

I think if you win the Louisville game, things are the same as they are now. If you beat Louisville by a million, there's a temporary distraction of excitement to hide the problems for a few more days afterwards, BUT, if you drop both of these, the fire expands. That's one thing that cannot happen if you want the sake of the fanbase to remain calm.

Let's just take our licks from Georgia and get back on track with the way we steam roll Louisville each year, and finish this thing out 7-5 and try to go get a bowl win to hit number eight.

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