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LSU Has Reached Out To Mark Stoops About Head Coaching Job

Reported earlier today by KSR’s Matt Jones, LSU has apparently been in contact with Kentucky Football Head Coach Mark Stoops, via a third party. From the way Jones put it today on KSR, if Stoops were to be offered the job it would be "worth sweating about." "If offered, it would be one the Kentucky Head Coach would seriously consider,” said Jones.

His report also says that the top 3 candidates for the LSU job are as followed: Jimbo Fischer, Bill O’Brien, and Mark Stoops. I understand why they would be after Fischer with all the success he has had, however, I just don’t see him leaving what he has established and Texas A&M. I’d say the front runner at this moment is O’Brien, former Houston Texans Head Coach and current Alabama Offensive Coordinator.

There is always that chance that Mark Stoops could become Scott Woodward’s (LSU athletic director) guy. Nobody in the SEC or in the nation for that matter can deny the success that Mark Stoops has brought to the University of Kentucky and I know LSU is a different animal than the UK job, but who’s to say that if offered the challenge that Stoops wouldn’t want to try to bring LSU back to the national spotlight.

I don’t think we need to worry too much about losing Stoops and this article isn‘t one to install fear in the Big Blue Nation, or is it me saying that we need to hit the panic button, I’m just saying that we should at least keep our eyes on this until the vacancy is filled at LSU. Mark Stoops has expressed several times how happy he is to be in Lexington and how good of a relationship he has with the fans here. He credits his 9 years at Kentucky to a "good relationship with the University and its fans."


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