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Lynn Bowden has his second child

This morning former Wildcat Lynn Bowden took to social media to announce the welcoming of his second child into the world.

Lynn and his family are residing in Miami after being traded from the Las Vegas Raiders back in September.

His first child, Lynn Bowden III, was absolutely adored by Kentucky fans during his time in Lexington, which I'm sure the Big Blue Nation will continue to do as well as with his newfound home in Miami, by the Dolphins fanbase.

(Above: Lynn Bowden celebrates with his son, Lynn Bowden III, after winning the Belk Bowl.)

No pictures of his daughter that was born this morning have been uploaded to social media, but we will put that information out once Lynn decides it's time to release it.

Congratulations to Lynn Bowden and his family!

Let's hope that her first few words are something along the lines of this all time quote by Bowden: "It's forever LsDown."



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