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Mark Stoops Addresses Being Linked With Opening Jobs

Mark Stoops is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in college football after folks are seeing the success he's having at Kentucky, turning the program around within the last five years. He's been a candidate for multiple job openings over the last two seasons, but more recently, picking up steam for the LSU job with Ed Orgeron being out after the end of this season.

During his weekly press conference, he addressed those rumors.

“My relationship is strong with the prospects and always will be. I can’t control that (i.e., being mentioned for other jobs). I have no control over that. I don’t want that out there, I don’t want that distraction, I don’t ask for that. As I mentioned, jokingly, weeks ago when somebody mentioned that, I’d rather it be that than you guys all talking about when they’re going to fire me. So, I can only control trying to win and build a program here. I think we can all understand I’ve been nothing but committed to doing that here and plan on doing that.”


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